Electrical distributors in the United States became a critical component of the electrical industry in 1908 when the National Association of Electrical Distributors was formed. Distributors continued to play an important role when the National Electrical Manufacturer’s Association (NEMA) was created in 1926. This culminated in the formation of the Professional Electrical Apparatus Reconditioning League (PEARL) in 1996.
PEARL has grown rapidly to be the sole trade association providing technical reconditioning guidelines and standards for electrical equipment and industrial electrical items, including continuing education, best practices, technical certification and code of ethics.
Today, PEARL has its membership spread across Canada and the United States with headquarters in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. PEARL collects, creates and spreads information, standards, policies and procedures for the reuse and reconditioning of electrical equipment. The League makes certain all operational, technical and safety requirements have been met.
Why is PEARL certification so important when buying electrical equipment within the United States and Canada?

1. Electrical equipment you can trust

Any electrical apparatus carrying the PEARL Seal means a number of things. A PEARL Seal shows the electrical equipment has been comprehensively tested by professional, trained and certified technicians using calibrated test equipment to certify the product complies with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) design specifications. A PEARL Seal is a guarantee that the product has been tested 100 percent to meet the set original specifications, and an assurance that the equipment will operate safely and as designed.

2. Access to discontinued electrical devices

One of the benefits of buying PEARL certified electrical equipment is that it gives you access to discontinued electrical devices. Hundreds of warehouses around the United States and Canada have electrical devices no longer in circulation, most of which are hard to obtain anywhere since their original makers might have stopped their manufacture or closed shop. A PEARL Seal on these warehoused, readily available electrical devices is the safest, quickest and cost-competitive avenue to access hard-to-find commercial or industrial electrical equipment to keep your electrical industrial or commercial service operating again, fast.

3. Exactly as designed

Sometimes, electrical products can be contrived by their respective OEM but not work as designed. PEARL certification through PEARL Reconditioning Standards mean the SEAL on the product is a guarantee the equipment will operate not just as manufactured, but also as designed by the OEM whether the electrical equipment was actually put into use or not. A PEARL Seal comes with a unique number of identification showing a professional, certified and qualified member of PEARL has done a full and all-encompassing reconditioning.

4. Zero flaws and faults

PEARL certification means the electrical product has been tested, cleaned and inspected through documented and continuously updated instructions, standards and guidelines. The PEARL Inspect and Test Standards generally seek to confirm the electrical equipment doesn’t have faults or flaws and that the product in its present condition isn’t damaged.

5. An easy way to find and buy from qualified professionals.

Buying an electric device fully certified by PEARL professionals for safety and performance is fast and easy. The great news is that PEARL has continued growing and expanding across Canada and the United States. You can actually find PEARL Membership in any North American location and learn more about where they are based, membership level and additional information on individual members. The Pearl website makes it easy to find qualified professionals in your area.

6. Professionally reviewed electrical standards

With all manner of electrical equipment in the market today, PEARL has come up with two unique electrical standard sets for the servicing of diverse electrical devices. All the electrical standards were formulated to meet certain purposes. They’re comprehensively reviewed and improved by third party professional engineers based on the OEM repair and operating manuals and best practices accepted widely in the electrical industry and meet all the global electrical standards.

7. Good as new

Purchasing PEARL certified electrical equipment guarantees the electrical product has returned to a condition that’s as good as brand new and without any blips. The constantly-improved Reconditioning Standards ensure documentation, testing, cleaning, inspection and reconditioning instructions for trained technicians yield an electrical product that works as any new one would.

8. Extended service life

The PEARL Reconditioning Standards set are demanding. Any electrical equipment that meets them are safe, ready for installation and use, reliable and enjoy prolonged service life.

9. Widening electrical products certification

PEARL continues to widen its electrical equipment certification categories to capture as many as possible. For instance, the February 24, 2016’s Revision 6 of the PEARL Reconditioning Standards has widened the focus to the most commonly used commercial and industrial electrical equipment such as switchgears, motor controls, electrical transformers, and circuit breakers among others.
Getting PEARL certified electrical products is now almost definite; lots of electrical industry terms and terminologies used by national and regional electrical industry companies and organizations such as NETA ( International Electrical Testing Association) and IEEE ( Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) have been ratified.

10. ANSI accredited

PEARL certification allows you to purchase an electrical product you can trust whose performance is guaranteed and safety assured. To guarantee this, PEARL has become a national trade organization with accredited standards. PEARL is ANSI (American National Standards Institute) accredited as a standards developer for the reconditioning of electrical equipment. ANSI ensures PEARL, like other organizations, has conformed to international, regional and national standards.
Look for the PEARL Seal today and purchase electrical equipment whose quality is guaranteed by a professional accredited body.

RS Breakers and Controls received its PEARL Certification as a Full Dealer and Full Service member in 2???. It is the only Canadian electrical distributor to achieve this status. To find out more and see our full inventory of PEARL certified equipment contact RS Breakers at https://rsbreakers.com

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