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Life-Extension Solutions: Modernizing Air Breakers

Upgrade & Modernize Air Breakers with RS certified reconditioning & retrofits!

  • Retrofit Air Breakers with AC-PRO Relays, CSA/UL approved relays
  • Universal protection relays = ease of install & maintenance across a variety of OEM breakers & vintages
  • Most cost-conscious, economical option to extend the life of your equipment
  • Opportunity to add modern features & bring breaker back to top performance
  • Enhanced system protection & Safety of personnel
  • i.e. Ground Fault and Arc Flash Mitigation
  • Reconditioned equipment is tested to ANSI Standards, with comprehensive test reports & standard 2 year warranty

AC-PRO-II Retrofits

  • Life-Extension for low voltage equipment by providing high-quality, reliable and versatile trip-units: AC-PRO-II trip units have become the industry standard in circuit breaker retrofitting
  • Microcontroller based, true-RMS solid-state trip units and trip unit retrofit conversion kits for both AC and DC circuit breakers
  • Upgrade communications to your breaker with AC-PRO-II® to create a universal platform that can be used across a distribution network—regardless of manufacturer or vintage
  • Allows engineers to have a standardized trip-curve
  • Staff only need to be trained on one type of unit & only require one test set
  • Enhance Safety with new technology
    i.e. Sluggish Breaker Detection
    i.e. Safe-T-Trip
  • RS State-of-the-Art Reconditioning & Testing Facility
  • ANSI, CSA, NEMA Accredited Safety Standards
  • Variety of Test Equipment for different voltages & models
  • Detailed Test Reports & Warranty given with all reconditioned products
  • Extend ROI of current breakers and switchgear
  • RS has technical expertise to Rebuild/Recondition breakers and components as needed
  • On-site consultations
  • Remove, disassemble, clean, identify and replace worn out parts


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