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Automation and Motor Controls

About RS™ Automation

RS™ excels in unparalleled repair services for servo motors and electronics, coupled with robust engineering capabilities to meet evolving industrial automation needs.

Our highly skilled team, equipped with cutting-edge technology, excels in precision diagnostics and repairs. As a trusted automation parts supplier, RS™ offers a wide range of components, including VFDs, PLCs, motors, and display screens. Beyond repairs, we actively assist clients in selecting and implementing the latest automation parts for enhanced operational efficiency.

Leveraging our engineering expertise, RS™ ensures current electronics capabilities are maintained while providing access to state-of-the-art automation solutions to meet growing industrial demands.

Trusted Automation Parts Supplier

• Diverse range of industry-responsive automation parts.
• Specializing in VFDs, PLCs, motors, and display screens.
• Inventory features cutting-edge tech and reliable brands.
• Essential role understanding; access to the latest advancements.
• Equipment repairs and state-of-the-art components in industrial automation.

Servo Motors and Electronic Repairs

• Precision repairs for servo motors and electronics.
• Skilled team, advanced tech for reliable results.
• Expert diagnosis and repair of malfunctioning components.
• Rigorous testing ensures performance and durability.
• Quality commitment minimizes downtime, maximizes equipment lifespan.


Variable Frequency Drives
Programmable Logic Controllers
Combination Motor Starters

Capacitor Banks & Power Factor Correction
Surge Protectors
Uninteruptuble Power Supply
Push Buttons & Operators
Terminal Blocks
Din Rail & Wireway
Specialty Cable


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