Case Study – Submerged Panels and Switches

At RS Breakers & Controls, we are capable of handling all sizes of emergencies. Our expertise means you should make us your first call when you need to get back up and running quickly. We are available twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year! Here’s just one example of how we helped a customer out in a crisis:

A client called us with an FPE QMQB style panel board that was submerged under water for 48 hours. Unfortunately, this left the building out of commission, which meant the customer was losing money and had no visible solution within a reasonable time frame. They made the right decision and called us!

RS Breakers & Controls was able to problem solve and quickly provide them with a cost-effective solution. We suggested an alternative, used-tested option instead of ordering in new parts, saving the client money and avoiding the hassle of running temporary diesel generators.

Because of our years of experience with similar calls, we are experts in the parameters of the ANSI standards. This let us save this customer both time and money, because the existing board did not need to be replaced – but all the components did.

With our massive inventory and in-house, state-of-the-art testing facility, we were able to rebuild, test, and ship out all the replacement switches needed. RS Breakers & Controls saved the customer many man hours of work, and eliminated a twelve week down time! That meant big savings for the tenants, building owner, and the insurance companies.

Providing OEM (Original Equipment Manufactured) parts, test reports, AND a two-year warranty, we got the customer up and running in a short amount of time…THAT’S the RS Difference!