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Meet Your Sales Team

Rishi Sudan



More about Rishi

My personal mission is to assemble a team of individuals who, like me, are fueled by a deep love for our trade. At the heart of my business, safety is a non-negotiable cornerstone, reflected in every product we offer at RS™ Breakers & Controls. I am dedicated to cultivating innovative ways to connect with our customers, always striving to provide them with the best possible experience. I hold myself and every member of my team to the highest standards, expecting nothing short of excellence in every endeavor we undertake.

Riley Varjassy



More about Riley

With a decade in the electrical supply and distribution industry, RS Breakers stood out as a key vendor, showcasing remarkable growth potential. Joining the team, I’ve been actively involved in diverse projects, ranging from utility initiatives to contractor-driven endeavors.


As a Sales Representative in Western Canada, my role at RS Breakers & Controls focuses on promoting sales and informing customers about our outstanding products and services. Working within a fantastic team, I find satisfaction in contributing to our collective success. Together, we are dedicated to exceeding customer expectations and solidifying RS Breakers & Controls as an industry leader.

Greig Harrison



Marty Groulx



More about Marty

With 35 years of industry experience, I proudly stand as a seasoned professional within the mining sector. At RS Breakers, I am entrusted with the responsibility of spreading the word about the exceptional opportunities we offer to our valued customers.

Working at RS Breakers is more than just a job; it is an opportunity to connect with new faces and make a meaningful impact on their experiences. The chance to meet people who share a wealth of industry knowledge is what makes each day special for me.

In this dynamic environment, my favorite aspect of the job is engaging with individuals who have devoted years to the industry, sharing their wealth of experience.

What sets RS Breakers apart is not just the quality of our products, but the confidence I have in what we sell. This confidence fuels my dedication to spreading the word and showcasing the great opportunities we provide to our valued customers, making each interaction an opportunity to make a positive impact.

Jason Lalonde



More about Jason

With over 7 years of dynamic experience in revolutionizing the solar and lighting industry, along with a solid foundation in sensors, automation, machine vision, and safety solutions, I bring a wealth of expertise to the innovative landscape at RS Breakers and Controls.

As a certified engineering technologist and proud member of the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT), my commitment to excellence and cutting-edge solutions is unwavering.

Joining RS Breakers and Controls wasn’t just a career move; it was a choice inspired by the vision and potential I see in the market. Rooted in Canada, this business resonates with my passion for contributing to its growth and success. I am dedicated to driving innovation, creating meaningful impact, and being an integral part of a company that embraces both its heritage and a forward-thinking approach in the ever-evolving industry.


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