In-House Testing

Safety First! We Clean, Inspect and Test Before It’s Shipped!

You can count on us to thoroughly test every used product
before it leaves our doors.

We have the proven experience, skilled staff, and proper testing equipment.

Tested circuit breakers

Circuit Breaker Testing

Phoenix HC 20: The high current test set allows us to apply current to the breakers to test the actual current and protective relays / devices to ensure that they work.

Tested switch gears

Switch Gear Testing

 Biddle DLRO and Megger 5KV: We test the resistance and insulation to ensure there is no deterioration or leakages.

Tested transformers

Transformer Testing

Megger 5KV: We confirm the reliability of the insulation between the phases and that there are no leakages.
Voltage Testing: We apply the appropriate voltage to the primary taps, view that the output is correct, monitor any fluctuations or irregularities. We clean, inspect and test every product before it’s shipped.

To learn more about our testing procedures, please call us now.

Cleaned, Inspected & Tested | Calibrated Testing Equipment
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