Circuit Breakers

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  • Breakers from every major manufacturer!
  • All AMPs and voltages
  • Applications: Residential, Commercial, Industrial

240, 480, 600 Upto 15 KV:

⦁    Molded case
⦁    Insulated case
⦁    Air breakers
⦁    Vacuum breakers
⦁    Push-On / Bolt–on
⦁    Fuse holders

Molded Case Breakers, Insulated Case Breakers, Vacuum Breakers, Air Breakers

Breaker Accessories


⦁    Mounting hardware and strapping kits
⦁    Solid state trip units with LSIG
⦁    Thermal magnetic trip units
⦁    Rating plugs
⦁    UVR / AUX and shunt trips
⦁    Breaker locks

breaker accessories
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