The reconditioning or reuse of electrical equipment may sound like another conservation buzzword. But with huge environmental, social, economic and political problems facing the planet it offers real and tangible benefits. Manufacturers and  organizations want to save money while purchasing electrical equipment. Reconditioned electrical products offer immeasurable benefits for everyone.

Saves Electrical Jobs

In Canada, the United States and around the world good manufacturing jobs are scarce. Statistics Canada shows the manufacturing industry with a stagnated growth between 2013 and 2017.  Manufacturing sectors are hard hit, taking up single-digit percentage of skilled workers. Vocational training institutions and programs are also affected. Reconditioning is changing this trend by fostering on-the-job training, increasing demand for skilled workers just like the nursing and teaching sectors.

In 2003 alone, the reconditioning industry created over 480,000 jobs for skilled and trained workers and generated an annual turnover of $53 billion. Today, results are highly encouraging. Skilled jobs and annual revenue exceed those of pharmaceutical, computer and the steel industry in the U.S. and Canada.  RS Breakers has definitely found success in hiring and training  skilled PEARL certified technicians to recondition electrical equipment.

Reconditioning Electrical Equipment is good for the Environment

Leaving a carbon footprint has become a major concern and talking point among everyone, from world governments to environmental organizations to scientists to everyday individuals. Industries are using massive energy resources to transform simple items such as copper wire, aluminum and sheet metal into bulk, usable products.  However, reconditioning converts functioning electrical equipment into operational products without using polluting the atmosphere.  Reconditioning guarantees usability through replacement, cleaning, plating, testing and upgrading parts.

Electrical Equipment Safety is Paramount

Faulty electrical equipment like circuit breakers require tens of thousands of dollars to replace. Alternatively, reconditioned circuit breakers are available for significantly less money. Reuse cuts downtime from weeks to just a few days. In the process, manufacturers save thousands of dollars with quality electrical equipment that’s as good as and sometimes better than new.

Manufacturing industries are operating on minimal inventories. They wait for 4-6 months for new electronic equipment halting operations and putting critical jobs on hold. Reconditioning avails electronic equipment such as transformers in a week or within a few days.

Certified, Skilled and Trained Workforce

The growth of the reconditioning sector has seen development of industry technical standards to guide the reconditioning processes. PEARL (Professional Electrical Apparatus Reconditioning League) requires that anyone skilled in reconditioning electrical equipment is adequately trained, certified with documentation, test tools and adheres to established global best practices.

Certification assures consumers in the United States, Canada and around the world reconditioned equipment from certified suppliers such as RS Breakers is exactly as described.

Reconditioned isn’t Counterfeit

Most people think falsely that reconditioned electrical equipment is counterfeit. Reconditioning brings to usable levels older electrical systems and components usually no longer supported by the original equipment manufacturer. Counterfeit products are exclusively new electrical models easily discernible from older reconditioned models.  Reuse technicians are highly trained to decipher counterfeit products through a broad reconditioning procedure.


PEARL certified reuse centers and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) servicers follow similar reconditioning procedures. Electrical equipment is guaranteed to operate within the original specifications set by the original manufacturer. Reused equipment goes through a thorough and lengthy procedure of conducting initial tests, cleaning, disassembling and inspection, replacing aging parts, reassembling, executing verification tests, documentation and certification. In fact, reconditioned electrical equipment turns out much safer than original models due to the extensive quality testing involved.

Looking for safer, high quality, reliable circuit breakers, transformers, switchgears, bus plugs and motor controls? PEARL certified RS Breakers stocks reconditioned electrical equipment from major manufacturers and ships across the United States, Canada and around the world.

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