Is Reconditioned Electrical Equipment Safe to Use?

When properly executed, electrical equipment reconditioning provides the opportunity to extend the life of electrical products. In addition to this, it can update older electrical products with newer performance and safety features. This poses the question, is it safe to use? The answer to this entirely depends on where you get your reconditioned electrical equipment from. Reconditioning electrical equipment requires up to date industry standard equipment and testing. It also requires an intimate understanding of the industry, as well as qualified professionals. If you are obtaining reconditioned electrical equipment from somewhere that doesn’t meet all these standards, you are putting yourself at risk. The best way to ensure your safety is to seek out the PEARL certification when buying reconditioned electrical equipment. This certification ensures that all the industry standards are met when purchasing your equipment.

PEARL Inspect and Test Standards

Pearl (professional electrical apparatus reconditioning league) has a set of standards that must be upheld while reconditioning electrical equipment. Trained technicians closely follow these guidelines to ensure the product is free of faults and flaws. This standard is designed to indicate that the device in its current states shows no signs of damage. Additionally, these standards aim to have all equipment tested be up to the specifications of the industry. Any product, whether it be new, unused, or previously in service can be assessed with these standards. For maintenance professionals this standard can serve as a general inspection guideline. This can serve as an aide in predicting and avoiding any future failures of the equipment. Members of PEARL affix a green seal onto their equipment. This seal ensures the guidelines and standards have been upheld.

Reconditioning Standards


Reconditioning standards are different than the inspection and test standards discussed above. Revision 6 of the standards will be the focus here. This revision was instituted on February 24, 2016. The focus of this revision is on the most common types of electrical equipment. This includes but is not limited to motor controls and switchgears. Additional detail in regarding technician qualification is one of a few changes included. Also included is an importance of manufacturer specifications for equipment performance. An expanded use of industry terminology was another point of emphasis for this revision.

PEARL standard of quality


These standards provide inspection, cleaning, reconditioning, testing and documentation instructions. When these standards and guidelines are followed by a trained technician, the equipment worked on will be returned to a “good as new” state. The devices that are reconditioned as such are ready for installation and service. This equipment will benefit from extended service life and reliability. Like the inspection and testing standards, a PEARL seal can be found from all members. The difference this time is the seal will be blue, rather than green.

Does using reconditioned electrical equipment increase liability concerns?


The short answer here is no. When purchasing new electrical equipment, you are getting something mass produced off an assembly line. Reconditioned electrical equipment is individually tested to ensure safety. PEARL certifications stress the importance of properly testing the equipment with the industry standard. The most important thing when choosing to buy reconditioned is who you are buying from.

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