Benefits of Buying Canadian Electrical Products

While it might be tempting to import electrical equipment from other countries, RS Breakers & Controls is determined to keep ourselves and our customers purchasing Canadian electrical equipment. Here’s how buying in Canada can help your bottom line:

No Delay in Supply

Expanding your supply chain’s efficiency is much easier when you are shopping in the country. At RS Breakers & Controls, we have a massive on-site inventory with a diverse stock of new and vintage bus plugs, molded case circuit breakers, panel switches and more. Over 80% of our product is purchased from fellow Canadians in order to ensure high-quality standards and keep stimulating the Canadian economy. All of our products are stored in our Canadian warehouse in Mississauga, ON for quick access, this means we can ship the electrical parts within hours across North America, getting you the equipment, you need quickly in an emergency. We are available 24/7, so you are never alone in a crisis.

Canadian Standards are Upheld

Guidelines change from country to country, but RS upholds the highest Canadian standards – meaning you can trust every product. Ordering from an international entity can put your company and employees at risk, with vastly differing safety codes and ratings around the globe.

At RS Breakers & Controls, our team is capable of identifying and confirming counterfeit products in order to help ensure Canadians are safe, and we ALWAYS provide test reports with any used equipment to show appropriate requirements have been met.

At RS Breakers & Controls, we are dedicated to not only maintaining but helping to set the standard for Canadian safety…That’s the RS Difference.